5 Reasons Why a Mobile Friendly Website is Essential

With the use of smartphones and other mobile devices on the rise we look at 5 reasons why a mobile friendly website is a must for you and your business.


Three mobile phones showing responsive websites

Popularity of Mobile Internet

More people now view websites on mobile devices than on desktop PC's. This alone should start alarm bells ringing if your current site is not mobile friendly. With the use of smartphones and other mobile devices increasing year on year the amount of websites viewed on mobile devices will only increase. The great thing about a responsive website design is that it will automatically adapt to what ever device it is been viewed on. The simple fact is, if a user (potential customer) finds it difficult to view or navigate your site whilst using a mobile device they will go elsewhere.

Better Conversion Rates

Responsive websites are far more user friendly than those that are not. Therefore, users are more likely to stay on your site and see what you have to offer. The easier a user finds it to navigate your site the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Improved Google Ranking

A responsive website will give you an advantage in Google search results against non-responsive sites. Google is by far the most popular search engine so any advantage you can get has to be worth exploring. Find out more from Google themselves here.

Social Media

Social Media is big right now and will only get bigger. Potential customers like to interact with you and feel more confident if your website has links to your social media accounts. Responsive websites make it far easier for these customers to find these links to your social media accounts meaning they are more likely to get in touch with you.

Future Proofing

Once you have taken the steps to make your website mobile friendly it's pretty safe to say it will look great on all devices for a considerable time to come. Although things move pretty quickly when it comes to technology, viewing websites on smartphones and tablets will be around for a while.

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