5 Simple Elements to the Perfect Small Business Website

A productive website is essential for any Small Business. We take a look at the most important elements that will ensure your website keeps on giving.

Woman Planning a website at desk

1. Keep it Simple

Don't confuse the user with too much content. Explain clearly what you are offering & how it will benefit them. Try describing your business in a maximum of 20 words & use quality images that directly relate to your business.

2. Mobile Friendly

You are probably tired of hearing how important a mobile friendly website is for your business but the truth is it is absolutely essential. If users find it difficult to read & navigate using a smartphone or tablet they will simply close your website and go elsewhere.

3. Contact Details

Ensure your contact details are clearly visible on EVERY page of your website. Include your telephone number (landline & Mobile), e-mail address & a contact form.

4. Testimonials & Reviews

Including customer testimonials & reviews will give users the confidence they are dealing with a reputable, trustworthy business.

5. Blog

A blog containing relevant content will help drive potential customers to your site. Regular blogging will help to boost your position on search engines & adds to your credibility.