Essential Considerations Before Starting a Web Design Project

Starting a Web Design project can be daunting. Your answers to the questions below will help your web designer build your perfect website.

Ipad and Laptop on a desk

What do you want your website to do?

Have a clear vision of exactly what your website should provide to users. Are you wanting users to buy directly from your site? Are you wanting it to provide information only? Are you using it to collect email addresses? 

When do you want your website to launch?

Do you require your website to be live in time for a product launch or shop opening? It's also a good idea to set out milestones to help track progress.

Who is the ideal visitor to your website?

Think about who you want or expect to be visiting your website. This will determine many aspects of the final design and layout including colour, layout, fonts.

Will you be using a blog?

Blogging is a great way of boosting your ranking in search engine results. It will also give users the confidence you know what you are talking about.

Who are your main competitors?

Make a list of your main competitors and have a browse of their website. How can you make yours better?.

Inspirational Websites?

Ever thought "Wow, that website looks really cool!"?. Take a note of these and use them as inspiration for your site.

Who requires access to update your website?

Think about who requires access to update or manage your website. For security reasons try keeping this to as few people as possible.